Computer-Aided Evaluation for Argument-Based Certification

Z. Daw, T. Wang, C. Oh, M. Low, I. Amundson, G. Wang, R. Melville, P. Nuzzo

42nd AIAA/IEEE Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), 2023

Next-generation certification processes are expected to be influenced by two dominant trends: customizable certification, as advocated by Overarching Properties (OPs), and the continuous and rapid delivery approach due to the coupling of software development and operations (DevOps). In light of these trends, certification processes must adapt to support the ongoing evaluation of assurance while accommodating the emergence of new evidence and evolving safety and security practices, particularly for systems enabled by artificial intelligence (AI). These requirements call for the development of computer-aided evaluation tools that automate repetitive tasks and offer visualization aids to assist evaluators and applicants in making informed decisions. This paper aims to address the challenges associated with assurance evaluation via a survey-based analysis and proposes a user interface that streamlines the evaluation of certification arguments.