Most birds lay their eggs in nests, and the nestlings remain in the nest for days or weeks. Not loons! It would be incorrect to call loon chicks "nestlings" for more than a few hours. Once they leave the nest, they're out of there for good!

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Lucas Wagner

Principal Research Scientist
Lucas Wagner is a Principal Research Scientist within Rockwell Collins’ Advanced Technology Center. His area of expertise is applying formal analysis techniques, particularly model checking, to industrial problems. Mr. Wagner’s background includes developing methods and tools to facilitate the use of formal methods into industrial development processes, the certification of avionics software using model checking, and the qualification of formal methods tools. He has served as the principal investigator on NASA- and AFRL-sponsored efforts to develop and mature formal methods technologies to improve their usage within the avionics community. Mr. Wagner is also the lead developer of the SpeAR tool which is designed to aid in the development, verification, validation, and certification of software requirements according to the guidelines set forth in DO-178C.