David Greve

Associate Director Engineer


David Greve is an Associate Director Engineer in the Advanced Technology Center at Collins Aerospace. David specializes in constructing and reasoning about formal models of computer systems. He was instrumental in the formal analysis of the AAMP7 intrinsic partitioning mechanism and the Green Hills INTEGRITY-178B in support of their respective MILS certifications. He was the principal investigator on the NSA vFaat effort to structure and automate proofs about assembly code and a SPAWAR funded effort to develop tools to reason about information flow in operating system software. More recently, David served as PI for the DARPA Tainted Static and ONR RHIMES efforts, leading work on the development of model-based fuzzing techniques for embedded systems. David obtained his BSE in electrical engineering from the University of Iowa and his MSEE in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. David has been an engineer at Collins since 1988.