Resolute Assurance Arguments for Cyber Assured Systems Engineering

I. Amundson, D. Cofer

Design Automation for CPS and IoT (DESTION 2021), May 2021

Resolute is a tool and language for embedding an assurance argument in a system architecture model and evaluating the validity of the associated evidence. In this paper we report on a number of extensions to Resolute that support systems engineers in developing safe and cyber-resilient systems. System requirements are imported as assurance goals to be satisfied. Architectural transforms are applied to the system model to address these requirements, while corresponding assurance strategies and evidence are automatically added to document how the requirements have been satisfied. Subsequent changes to the model that invalidate any of the assurance claims can be detected and corrected.We also use Resolute to check that the model satisfies rules for code generation and other modeling guidelines. We conclude with an application of the Resolute assurance process to the design of a mission planning system for an unmanned air vehicle.