Most birds lay their eggs in nests, and the nestlings remain in the nest for days or weeks. Not loons! It would be incorrect to call loon chicks "nestlings" for more than a few hours. Once they leave the nest, they're out of there for good!

Journey North

John Backes

Senior Research Scientist

John Backes is a Senior Research Scientist at the Rockwell Collins Advanced Technology Center. He earned his PhD from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Minnesota. He is the principle developer of AGREE, a compositional verification tool for AADL models. He was a member of the air vehicle team in DARPA's High Assurance Cyber Military Systems program. He has also been a performer on projects funded by NASA, AFRL, and the Army. He is currently working on verification of AFRL's UxAS as part of the Summer of Innovation. His research interests include SMT-Solving, Model Checking, Formalization of Requirements, Verification of Software for Embedded Systems, and Logic Synthesis.